Photo by Ireashia Bennett

Tatiana Walk-Morris, a senior journalism major and management minor at Columbia College Chicago, lives in a cozy studio in the Gold Coast/Near North neighborhood. Fun fact: She can speak German fluently enough to order food and interview German soccer fans. In five years, she hopes to be at a newspaper or magazine in Chicago or Detroit, reporting on boring, important beats like business, justice or social issues.

Twitter or Instagram at @Tati_WM



Photo by Ireashia Bennett

Alana Stramowski is a senior journalism student at Columbia College Chicago with a concentration in magazine writing. Originally from Milwaukee, Alana now lives in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. When she is not writing you can find her teaching and practicing yoga as well as getting her Rachael Ray on in the kitchen. In five years Alana hopes to be living in the mountains of Colorado, writing for a health or lifestyle publication and teaching yoga in the evenings.

Email: alanastram@gmail.com




Evan Thomas is a student journalist from Farmington Hills, Michigan, who currently lives in the River North area. When he’s not drinking coffee and being consistently dragged online, he likes to write and read poetry, watch movies and procrastinate learning Italian. His favorite color is yellow. He loves office supplies, hopes to be published and steadfastly clings to the possibility of one day witnessing “Shrek 5.”



Photo by Karina Corona

Ireashia Bennett is a self-proclaimed city nymph and performance artist whose stage varies from CTA train platforms to the concrete streets of Chicago. She writes about a variety of things—from hip-hop and culture to body positivity and pop culture—on her blog and website. When she’s not ignoring deadlines, she indulges in photography and art exhibitions that feature mediocre art but give out cheap wine. Ireashia is a senior and lives in Humboldt Park. In five years, she sees herself writing, photographing and creating art in a tropical city or country.

Tweet her at @ireashiaspeaks



Photo by Ireashia Bennett

Karina Corona is a third-year journalism student at Columbia College Chicago, concentrating in magazine writing and editing with a minor in photography and an unofficial minor in art history. She is a resident of the Logan Square neighborhood. Karina sees herself one day working for a travel magazine and having significantly less debt with the U.S. Department of Education. When she’s not busy selling books at Barnes and Noble or procrastinating with school work, you can spot her at open mic comedy nights making people *laugh.

*No, not really.

Questions, comments or concerns? Email: thisiskarina.corona@gmail.com

Website: karinacorona.weebly.com

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